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Russia into British nuclear fuel market

Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL said Friday that an agreement had been reached with French firm Areva to jointly produce fuel for a British nuclear plant.

Under a contract that came into force in late May, TVEL's subsidiary Mashinostroitelny Zavod (MZ) will provide uranium fuel pellets for the Areva plant in Lingen, Germany, to produce fuel rod arrays, ordered by electricity generator British Energy. The reactor that will consume the fuel is the only pressurized water reactor in the UK.

Since MZ started cooperation with Areva in 1994, an automated line to produce fuel rod arrays has been introduced there. The plant has produced more than 1,000 such arrays, initially for delivery to Germany, then Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. MZ and Areva are bound by contracts to produce fuel for West European NPPs until 2020. Under the joint project, fuel supplies will be delivered to ten reactors in West Europe, a total of some 100 metric tons annually. (