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Petroleum supply on Druzhba pipeline could be halted, Kóka warns

Economy Minister János Kóka warned on Monday that crude oil shipments from Russia coming along the Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline could be halted before evening.

He convened an emergency meeting for 16.30 local time to see how to secure the supply. The Druzhba pipeline divides into two branches in Belarus. Poland has already reported a halt in the oil flow along the northern branch. Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are supplied by the southern branch.
Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Nyrt reported that there has already been a drop in the amount of oil entering Hungary along the pipeline. Mol is in negotiations to restore the supply, it said.
MTI has learned that supplies to Ukraine through Belarus stopped early this afternoon and unless it begins to flow soon, the transit oil coming from Ukraine will be exhausted, leading to a halt in the supply to Hungary. Mol has reserves to keep its refinery at Százhalombatta in operation for a time.
The Economy Ministry has begun coordinating measures with the company managing strategic energy reserves, which are sufficient for over 90 days. Analysts do not expect lengthy delivery problems, but Mol has begun preparations to import crude oil along the Adria pipeline if that should become necessary. The Adria also supplies Russian crude oil.