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OPEC concerned about future demand of oil

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was concerned about future demand when considering whether to boost investment in oil production, the cartel's president said.

“The concern we have is about the security of demand,” Chakib Khelil told delegates at the World Petroleum Congress, which is the biggest gathering of leaders from the world oil producers in every three years.

Khelil said the big uncertainties have increased the risks for oil producing countries to make huge investments in production.

As the international oil prices kept rising, which climbed above $143 per barrel, oil producing countries were under growing pressure from consuming nations to increase production in order to contain further oil price hike.

But most OPEC members have insisted the market is currently fully supplied, blaming speculations for the price hike. They said there should be clear demand in the market before any increase of production.

Khelil said the oil cartel's concern about future demand mainly result from the global economic outlook, prospects of oil prices, the looming of a global financial crisis and the promotion of alternative energies in many countries. (Xinhua)