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OMV says no Russian gas reaching Austria

Russian gas flows to Austria had stopped completely on Wednesday, energy group OMV said, adding it was drawing on reserves, domestic production and other imports to guarantee gas supply to customers.

Russia cut off supplies to Ukraine on January 1 over debts, pledging supplies to western Europe would be safeguarded, but some southern and eastern European countries have seen flows ebb or stop entirely.

“Following the massive reductions to natural gas deliveries to Austria ... currently no more Russian natural gas is being delivered to Austria,” OMV said in a statement.

Russian gas flows to Austria already fell by 90% on Tuesday. OMV said it was in contact with Gazprom and the relevant Austrian authorities about the situation.

OMV said earlier this week it was well prepared in the case of a supply cut, with around 1.75 billion cubic meters of natural gas in storage, enough to supply Austrian demand for three months during the winter.

The Alpine republic gets about 51% of its gas from Russia, 31% from Norway and other countries while some 18% is produced domestically. (Reuters)