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Nabucco is Hungary’s foremost interest on energy security front

  Hungary will participate in any program that increases the security of its gas supply, but as an EU member, it is interested foremost in the Nabucco project, energy minister Csaba Molnár said at a conference on Wednesday.

In addition to the Nabucco project, which would bring gas from Central Asia to Europe, Hungary is interested in the South Stream pipeline, which would deliver Russian gas, via an alternative route than the present one, and in the development of a liquefied petroleum gas terminal in Croatia, Molnár said.

Hungary will increase the size of its strategic reserves from 500 million to 1.2 billion cubic meters by year-end, he said, outlining further steps being taken to make Hungary less energy dependent. The capacity of commercial stores will rise to 3.7 billion cubic meters in 2010, 4.1 billion in 2011 and 4.8 billion in 2012, he added. (MTI-Eco)