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Nabucco is “best solution” says IEA head

The Nabucco gas pipeline would be more a more effective asset than the South Stream pipeline for improving the European Union's energy supply, International Energy Agency (IEA) head Nobuo Tanaka told MTI.

Tanaka is in Budapest to attend a summit of the Visegrád Four -- Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia -- at which energy security and diversification are in the spotlight.

The principle of “the more the better” applies from the point of view of energy security, Tanaka said. If supply sources are expanded and the number of delivery routes grows, security improves, he added.

The cost-efficiency of such investments is an important factor, Tanaka said.

The South Stream pipeline would bypass Ukraine, increasing security of supply, but it will still deliver Russian gas, like the other pipelines in the region. Although the Nabucco pipeline would be longer and more expensive to build, it will expand not only the delivery routes but the supply sources as well, Tanaka said. “That is why the Nabucco appears to be the best solution.” (MTI – Econews)