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More motorists to switch to gas fuel

More and more Hungarian motorists are expected to switch to gas as vehicle fuel in the coming years, with consumption of LPG gas as car fuel projected to grow from the current 1.5%-2% to 5% in two years, LPG gas distributor Prímagáz told MTI in an analysis.

This is in line with trends in Western Europe, where the percentage of gas-fuelled cars is expected to rise to 10% by 2015 as some states provide guarantees to keep the tax on gas fuel at its current low level, Prímagáz said.

There are no such guarantees in Hungary, however, the price of gas fuel has been stagnating for years. Therefore, gas fuel is becoming increasingly popular with motorists.

Prímagáz figures show one liter of LPG gas fuel costs an average HUF 135 less than petrol, and the price difference can be expected to remain unchanged in the long term. Motorists can save 30-40% of fuel costs, or up to HUF 100,000 – HUF 110,000 per 10,000km.

Prímagáz emphasized that gas-fuelled vehicles have green-house gas emission levels lower by 20-60% - depending on the type of green-house gas - compared to petrol-fuelled ones, with zero solid particle emission.

Skoda brand manager of Porsche Hungária Balázs Dalnoki also expects an increase in sales of gas-fuelled cars. More than 50 brand services in Hungary have been converting new and second-hand cars to LPG since April 2007 with support from the importer, while keeping the warranty terms unchanged.

Dalnoki told MTI that the company has sold around 900 converted – “dual” - models since April 2007. Sales in this category dropped to around 100 last year from around 500 in 2008 due to the crisis. He estimated that sales of dual models could make up 3%-5% of total sales this year.

Last year the company sold 5,361 new Skodas, controlling 7.25% of the market, which shrank around 50% to 60,000 new cars sold. (MTI – Econews)