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Mol, E.ON complete prequalification round in strategic gas reserve bid

Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Nyrt and German utilities giant E.ON have both successfully completed the prequalification round for a bid to build a strategic gas reserve in Hungary, MSzKSz Strategic Gas Reserve, the company organizing the construction, announced on Friday.

The prequalification tender document was also purchased by a third company, RWE Energy, but RWE did not submit a bid. The bidders will have to submit a more detailed plan for the construction of the reserve by the end of September and results could be announced by the end of November or early December, Ferenc Debreceni, head of MSzKSz Strategic Gas Reserve, told Napi Gazdaság. Debreceni did not exclude, however, some delay, because of the complexity of the plans the bidders must prepare.
MSzKSz Strategic Gas Reserve was set up by Hungary's fossil fuel reserving association MSzKSz to build the gas reserve on the order of the government. Parliament approved in February a law which moves up the deadline for completion of the strategic gas reserve from 2012 to early 2010.