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Mátra Power Plant spending Ft 20 bln to boost capacity 12%

Hungary's Mátra Power Plant Zrt is spending Ft 20 billion this year and next year to boost its capacity 12% to 930 MW by integrating gas turbines into its five coal-powered blocks, president József Valaska told a mining conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

Additionally, the plant's owner, German utilities giant RWE-EnBW, could soon decide to spend Ft 200 billion to replace two of its blocks by 2012, depending on its CO2 quota. If the blocks are replaced, the plant's capacity could rise to 1,176 MW. Later, a decision could be made to replace the other three blocks by 2020.
Mátra Power Plant may produce up to 80 GWh of electricity generated with renewable resources under a quota set by the Hungarian Energy Office (MEH), but it aims to increase this quota. In order to do so, it is selling its green energy at Ft 19.6 per kWh, well under the Ft 23.8 price the Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) Zrt guarantees for this electricity, Valaska said. Valaska noted that only Paks Nuclear Power Plant Zrt generates cheaper electricity than the Mátra Power Plant, which sells its power for Ft 11 per kWh, well under the Ft 30 price at which gas-powered plants sell their electricity.