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Mátra Petroleum suspends Marcali-1 discovery in Hungary for testing

Mátra Petroleum Plc has announced that it is suspending the Marcali-1 well for testing of the Pannonian gas discovery.

Total depth of 1620 meters was reached without encountering hydrocarbon shows in the secondary Triassic target. The well is now being suspended to allow testing of the Pannonian gas discovery which was the primary objective. The drilling rig will be moved off the site and a workover rig will be used to conduct testing on both the Horvatkut-1 and Marcali-1 gas discoveries.

Mátra Petroleum Plc’s Managing Director, Peter Hind said: „We are planning a testing program on both discovery wells that will allow us to acquire further data and complete the wells for future production. Using a workover rig is more cost effective and will allow us time to source the most appropriate equipment. This will take place in the next couple of months depending upon rig and equipment availability.

Work on commercializing the discoveries will continue in parallel.” Mátra has a 40% interest in the well and the Inke Concession. A subsidiary of Aspect Energy has a 60% interest in the well and the Inke Concession. Aspect Energy's main Hungarian subsidiary is Hungarian Horizon Energy. (