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Jordan to produce European standard diesel fuels

Jordan endeavors to produce high-quality diesel fuel meeting both local and European standards by 2010, local daily Jordan Times reported.

Jordan's Minister of Environment Khalid Irani Wednesday unveiled plans to improve the quality of diesel fuel by reducing the amount of sulphur in production process.

Irani made the remarks during a two-day regional meeting Wednesday on the kingdom's shift to unleaded fuel, which took place in February in a bid to prevent health and environmental hazards linked to the use of leaded petrol.

Environment Police Department officials previously said the phase-out has led to a decrease in harmful gases emission, but hazardous gases are still discharged due to the “low quality of diesel.”

Short-term exposure to high levels of lead can result in brain and kidney damage, while chronic exposure can affect the central nervous system, blood pressure, kidneys and the body's ability to metabolize vitamin D. (Xinhua)