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Iran resumes gas flow to Turkey

Iran resumed pumping natural gas to Turkey as of 4.00 p.m. on Sunday.

Iran shut off exports to Turkey on January 7 after finding itself with gas shortages caused by a sharp rise in domestic consumption due to unprecedented cold weather and a sudden decision by Turkmenistan to halt supplies to the north and northeastern parts of the country. The stoppage of Iranian gas to Turkey forced a halt in Turkish exports to Greece via a newly-opened pipeline. Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Guler said Sunday that “there were problems in receiving Iranian natural gas for the past 34 days. Cold temperatures resulted in Iran’s cutting off of natural gas to Turkey. However, Iran resumed pumping natural gas to Turkey as of Sunday.” Guler earlier noted that once Iran resumes gas flows, Turkey would not immediately begin its exports to Greece. “We do not need to turn the gas back on to Greece, because they don’t need it now.” Iran supplies Turkey with 1.5-2 million cubic meters of natural gas on a daily basis.

Iran normally exports 30 million cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey per day, while it imports roughly 23 million daily from Turkmenistan. Russia’s Gazprom has said it has increased its exports to Turkey to close the deficit. (The New Anatolian)