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Hybrid car boom in the making

Globally 500,000 to 600,000 cars operated by alternative resources and hybrid technology were sold in 2007.

Expansion of these product lines is the main trend in car industry, according to the international analysis of KPMG. The two key criteria for consumers is quality (86%) and fuel-efficiency (84%), said the 113 respondents. Further priorities include safety (70%) and affordability (69%). Proportion of exports saying that consumers would prefer cars operated by alternative energy increased from 59% to 63%. Proportion of cars operated by alternative energy and hybrid-electric technology are to increase significantly within the next 5 years, said Péter Kiss, KPMG's Hungarian partner for energetics. Hydrogen cars would be available for wider range of users, as well. Hydrogen will become one of the main resources to replace gasoline in other areas of life as well and expansion of alternative technologies has been way quicker so far than expected in some earlier projections. (Gazdasági Rádió)