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Hungary’s nuclear plant in Paks is safe, gov’t says

The government is not considering closing the country’s only nuclear plant at Paks, government spokesperson Anna Nagy told Hungarian daily Népszabadság on Thursday.

In response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, the spokesperson explained that the situation does not directly affect Hungary, and that the Paks plant is operating safely. The region has no geological fault lines similar to those in Japan, and the power station meets the highest safety standards. In the 1990’s the state-owned company operating the facility took measures to ensure the safe removal of hydrogen during accidents and the physical separation of emergency diesel generators.

Nevertheless, to reassure the public, a “stress test” advocated by the European Union will be carried out. The government agrees with the European Commission that a unified European approach to nuclear safety is needed. An important part of that is the inspection of active reactor blocks, the details of which will be based on experts’ analysis of the situation in Japan.

Hungary’s National Development Minister Tamás Fellegi, currently holding the EU presidency, called an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Energy Ministers for March 21. Current international developments and their effect on the global markets and the European energy sector will be discussed at the meeting.

The government is ensuring the safety of the country’s citizens, and asks all political actors to avoid spreading unsubstantiated information and generating panic.


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