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Hungary unaffected by Gazprom dispute

The most recent gas debate between Russia and Ukraine does not jeopardize the security of supplies to Hungary – the gas trader company E.ON Földgáz Trade Zrt is receiving gas in line with its contract and there are ample reserves available, communications director István Kutas told the daily Napi Gazdaság.

Klaus G. Hammer, chairman of the board of Germany-based E.ON Energie AG’s gas companies, released an announcement saying that Gazprom JSC informed E.ON on the debate in time and the Russian company emphasized that the situation does not affect the amount Gazprom and E.ON had contracted on. Besides the gas in E.ON’s five storage facilities, the company stores 200 million cubic meters of gas as strategic supply, meeting the request of Hungary’s hydrocarbon storage alliance. (Napi Gazdaság)