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Hungary to make political step to accelerate Nabucco

Nabucco Gas Pipeline partners believe summit of Nabucco countries will positively affect its implementation.

Hungarian Prime Minister Gyurcsány Ferenc declared that he initiate a summit on the subject of Nabucco gas pipeline project, during his three days long official visit in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in July 2008. “The participants of the summit – according to the plan – will be all those countries who will take a hand in the project and also those countries that are potential transit - and supplier countries to the Nabucco gas pipeline. The elaboration of the details of the summit is proceeding presently,” Hungarian Government’s Spokesperson Zsófia Halmai said to Trend Capital via e-mail on 28 July. She did not divulge the date of the summit.

Nabucco costing $12.4 billion is expected to supply gas from Azerbaijan and Central Asia to EU countries since 2013. OMV (Austria), MOL (Hungary), Botas (Turkey), Bulgargaz (Bulgaria), Transgaz (Romania) and German RWE are the shareholders of the project, each owing 16.67%. Largest energy company Gaz de France is interested in purchasing a part of the gas to be transported via Nabucco.

Linda Murányi, a representative of International Communications Department of Hungarian MOL, which is a shareholder of Nabucco Gas Pipeline, said to via e-mail that an event like this could greatly contribute to the success of the project. “This event could be also a useful and fruitful opportunity to create a forum where Nabucco members and other participants can talk about the challenges and well-known difficulties of the project and with joint effort they can work on how to foster the case of Nabucco. Hereby the participants could contribute to the sooner realization of Nabucco,” said Murányi.

Austrian OMV, operator of Nabucco, also supports the idea to hold the summit. “This idea was not discussed among the shareholders yet. Nabucco Gaspipeline International appreciates all political efforts which strengthen the project,” Spokesperson International Projects & Nabucco at OMW Christian Dolezal said to Trend Capital via e-mail. “The signing of the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Nabucco EU-Member states and Turkey would be necessarily a top level meeting. But I cannot tell you today, when this Intergovernmental Agreement will be ready for signing and where this will take place. This will be discussed among the shareholders,” said Dolezal.

Stefan Padberg, Head of Communications of German RWE, which became the 6th shareholder of the project in February, said to Trend Capital via e-mail that any meetings initiated by Nabucco shareholders will have positive trend. “We have in the past seen a variety of such meetings, they were fruitful and the RWE sees the project to be on a good track and all partners in the consortium to be very committed,” said Padberg. (Trend Capital)