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Hungary to deliver gas to Serbia

Hungary will deliver 2 million cubic meters of gas to Serbia on Friday as it has enough gas to meet expected domestic demand of 64 million - 66 million cubic meters, minister in charge of energy affairs Csaba Molnár announced.

Hungary also delivered 2 million cubic meters of gas to Serbia on Thursday, when domestic consumption was 61.5 million cubic meters.

Hungary's gas deliveries to Serbia will be negotiated on a daily basis, Gyurcsány said on Thursday. They will continue as long as they do not cause Hungary to make disproportionate reductions in its own gas consumption, he added.

Serbia has no gas reserves and it takes delivery of about 95% of its gas via Hungary. Many Serbs in areas with district heating from gas-fuelled plants were left without heat after gas deliveries from Ukraine to Hungary were halted on Tuesday.

Serbia will also take delivery of 2.7 million cubic meters of gas from Germany's E.ON Ruhrgas via Hungary on Friday, Molnár said. (MTI – Econews)