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Hungary: Gov’t adopts national energy strategy

The national energy strategy was adopted by the Gov’t, and can be discussed by the parliament in two weeks, said Miklós Poós, head of department of Economy and Transport Ministry.

The national strategy on climate change still needs some adjustments it will be discussed again. The realistic goal is to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 14-16% by 2020 (compared to the EU’s 20% recommendation and the present 4% level). Presently 2,000 GWh of energy comes from alternative resources, this will go up to 3,500 GWh by 2010. Most of this, approx. 1300 GWh will be supplied by biomass power plants. Smaller amounts will come from wind energy and water energy. Utilization of geothermic energy will only be introduced after 2010. Biogas will go up from the present 2% proportion to 5.75% by 2010, 8% by 2013, and 10% by 2020. (Gazdasági Rádió)