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Hungary: E.ON to launch major capacity expansion

In 2009 natural gas storage company E.ON Földgáz Storage Zrt will complete the expansion of its storage capacity in Hungary by 600 million cubic meters, i.e. by 20%, announced the company.

At present, E.ON Földgáz can produce 47.5 million cubic meters of natural gas per day from the underground containers, which equals the 50% of the peak consumption in winter. The investment will cost Ft 32 billion (€125.3 million, $173.7 million), its first stage of a 200 cubic meters expansion will be completed as early as October, 2007. This development will add 2.5 million cubic meters to the daily amount, which would be enough for the towns of Pécs and Debrecen on a cold winter day. The expansions will make gas supply safer, and, at the same time, it will result in upping exports. The government consciously strives to bring about a regional gas distribution center in Hungary, said Ábel Garamvölgyi, secretary of state to the Economy Ministry. (Napi Gazdaság, Magyar Hírlap)