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Hungary applauds 10:10 initiative

Hungary’s government fully supports the 10:10 campaign targeting a 10% reduction of carbon dioxide emission by the end of 2010, said Péter Olajos, deputy state secretary in charge of energy and climate policies.

The 10:10 is civil initiative that took off in the UK after the failure of the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009. It has already attracted some strong backing, with the new British government led by David Cameron joining the drive in its very first day in office.

To illustrate that Hugnary’s support is not just lip service, Olajos said the government will conduct a comprehensive review of its infrastructure to determine the exact amount of energy it uses. When that is done, the following measures will involve reducing energy consumption, as well as cutting back on unnecessary material costs, like printing.

Olajos stressed it is an important message to the public that one’s environmental impact can be greatly reduced with a little consideration and it does not necessarily require financial grants. Besides preserving the planet, a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions also means a great drop in spending, he added. (BBJ)