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Hungarians strongly back nuclear energy

Among Europe's general public, Hungarians along with the Swedes are most in favour of using nuclear energy, concludes the poll made by TNS Opinion & Social pollster to the European Commission. The Eurobarometer survey for the European Commission polled 25,000 people in 25 EU states and found that 65 % of Hungarian respondents and 64% of Swedes supported the use of nuclear energy. Public support for nuclear power was the lowest - 8% - in Austria. Among 30-40 year-olds, 72% of Hungarians supported nuclear power, the highest percentage in the EU in this age group. Regarding a question on knowledge about the future and hazards of radioactive nuclear waste, 32% of Hungarian respondents said they were well-informed, whereas an average 25% said the same in other EU states. Handling highly radioactive nuclear waste appeared to be a concern in Hungary, as well as in other EU countries. 96% of Hungarians urged a prompt solution without leaving the problem to future generations and 92% said the same in the EU.