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Hungarian Energy Office announces gas traders to supply Emfesz clients

The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) on Tuesday announced the names of gas traders that will take over more than 300,000 clients from troubled peer Emfesz.

The companies were the same as those named in an earlier press report.

MEH said Emfesz’s retail clients will get their gas from Tigáz in the area serviced by Főgaz in the city of Budapest, while Főgaz will supply clients in the area serviced by Tigáz. E.ON and GDF Suez will both supply Emfesz clients in their own respective service areas.

MOL Energiakereskedő will supply Emfesz' non-retail clients.

MEH said on January 5 it would suspend Emfesz's gas trading licence for 90 days, after its suppliers stopped deliveries because of unpaid bills. (MTI Econews)