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Greenline Industries and ULEROM formally open first Romanian biodiesel plant

US Greenline Industries, the EPA Award winning leader in the design and construction of biodiesel production facilities, and ULEROM, one of Romania's largest agri-business corporations, today announced the formal opening of their largest facility in Vaslui, Romania. The 7 million GPY plant is the first biodiesel production facility to operate in Eastern Europe.

The President of Romania, the honorable Traian Basescu, is invited to formally open the facility. The plant is a key element in the ability of Romania to meet the EU’s requirement for 5.75% Biofuels based on the country’s extensive agrarian holdings. Officials from the American Embassy in Romania were on hand to emphasize the American origin of the plant built by Greenline Industries of San Rafael, California. “This biodiesel plant is a tribute to international cooperation, the facility was designed in the United States, built in Germany and Romania, and installed by a team from both the US and Romania,” according to Adrian Porumboiu, owner of the Racova Group which encompasses ULEROM. “This facility has more than just a business reason to exist; it represents a big step in the direction of energy independence, a logical and lucrative outlet for our crops and a serious playing card in the worldwide battle against warming and pollution.”

The Romanian facility is the seventeenth example of Greenline’s award winning technology featuring waterless wash, computerized, continuous flow and modular construction. There are an additional twenty other plants either under construction or under contract on three continents. The Greenline technology places the emphasis on two key issues in the biodiesel industry: the process itself has to be environmentally clean, and the design allows for rapid deployment of small to medium sized plants anywhere in the world. “The plant was delivered on skids, trucked in to Vaslui on regular-sized trailers from our manufacturing facility in Germany. Assembly was done locally in a very short time, using local labor and skills,” said Michael Brown, Greenline’s Chairman of the Board. “I am proud to be here on this landmark date for Romania and I am equally proud of the team that designed and built this facility.”

Greenline Industries designs, produces and delivers groundbreaking new biodiesel production technology, using EPA Award winning waterless, ion resin exchange processing systems. With over 30 plants under contract, this cost efficient technology is gaining rapid acceptance with major biodiesel producers domestically and internationally. By leveraging strategic partnerships and technical expertise, Greenline provides high quality biodiesel fuel, at a competitive cost-of-entry. (