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Gledhill selected as appliance partner for Ceramic Fuel Cells & E.ON UK

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited today announces that Gledhill Water Storage has been selected as its UK appliance partner to join the project announced in July 2007 with E.ON UK to develop and deploy 1kW micro-combined heat and power (m-CHP) units for the UK market.

The three companies will work together to develop a fully-integrated m-CHP unit, which incorporates CFCL’s fuel cells, for the residential market. These highly efficient units are designed to power homes whilst reducing carbon emissions, in a drive for cleaner energy generation.

As previously announced, CFCL will supply a NetGen+ unit for operation with a boiler and a specially designed thermal store to produce an "Alpha" prototype which will then be deployed in a field trial. The current project remains on schedule for the NetGen+ unit to be delivered by December 2007 and the Alpha unit to be developed in Q2 2008.