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Gazprom's Medvedev says open to mergers, acquisitions

Alexander Medvedev, deputy CEO of Russian natural-gas export monopoly OAO Gazprom, said the company is not against pursuing potential mergers or acquisitions.

„We are considering different options of growth internationally and we don't exclude the mergers and acquisitions option and creation of joint ventures,” Medvedev said yesterday, speaking from Moscow in a video conference with reporters in Brussels. Medvedev declined to comment on takeover targets and said OAO Gazprom is not in talks with Centrica Plc, Scottish Power Plc or EDF Energy.

„I am not intending to make any comments about Centrica in particular,” Medvedev said. „To discuss Centrica or Scottish Power or EDF Energy is absolutely groundless because we are not in negotiations neither with shareholders nor with the management of any of these companies in respect of creation of any sort of alliances.”

„We are acting in full compliance with European legislation,” he said. Medvedev said UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sees „no grounds” for hindering an entry in the UK market. He also said that he doesn't know the timing for the sale of Yukos assets. (Bloomberg)