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Gazprom, Romania's Conef Energy sign long-term gas deal

Russia's energy giant Gazprom and Romania's Conef Energy SRL have signed a contract for natural gas deliveries to Romania in 2010-2030, Gazprom said in a press release Wednesday.

Under the contract, Romania will receive up to 2 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually, with an aggregate supply volume due to reach 42 billion cubic meters. Russia has supplied natural gas to Romania since 1979, and some 110 billion cubic meters of Russian gas was exported to the country as of April 1, 2007. Conef Energy SRL is a subsidiary of Ñonef SA and part of the Marco Investment and Industries Group, an international company that controls a vertically oriented aluminum holding, a number of financial and investment companies, developers and other companies around the world. Ñonef SA has cooperated with Gazprom Export, Gazprom's export arm, since 2002. Russian natural gas deliveries, effectuated as part of the partnership, have significantly improved Romania's energy situation. (