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Gazprom prepares the next gas price hikes for neighbors

While the current price of gas supplied to Lithuania is $190-$200, next year Gazprom is set to ask the partners from Lietuvos dujos to pay $280, the price comparable to that at which Gazprom sells gas to Hungary or Finland.

Baltic countries - this information has been spread by the newspaper Komersant. The sharp growth of prices is explained by the completion of the transition period following the entrance of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the European Union. The gas prices are expected to grow also for Ukraine and Belarus. Based on the information of the newspaper, price will be increased to Lithuania from $200 - $280 from January 2008, which is equal to that paid by Hungary and Finland.

The sharp increase of the price has been explained by the representatives of Gazprom with the point, that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have already completed the process of integration into European Union. Price increase can concern Ukraine and Belarus as well. Supposedly the price on gas will be increased from $130 - $180 to Ukraine, and from $100 - $150 to Belarus. Komersant does not spread any information about possible increase of price to Georgia and other CIS countries. Providing the successful completion of negotiations, Gazprom’s earnings may increase by 2-4 billion dollars. (, imedinews, russia-ic)