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First Hungarian petrol station providing E85 - biofuel

The first petrol station in Hungary to offer an alcohol fuel mixture will open July 9 in north-west Hungary, business daily Világgazdaság said on Tuesday.

The station's operator, German company Oil!, plans to open at least another three stations in Hungary offering E85. This kind of fuel contains a mixture of 85% bio-ethanol and 15% gasoline or other hydrocarbons by volume.

As of July 1, the bio-ethanol content of fuel sold at Hungarian petrol stations doubled to 4.4%. For the production of the 800,000 tons of bio-ethanol, Hungary would need 2.5 million tons of corn; which could endanger feeding Hungary’s livestock.

The agricultural ministry is not concerned about corn shortages. Hungarian oil and gas-company MOL Nyrt plans to buy 100,000 tons of bio-ethanol to satisfy demand in the first year, the paper said. Hungary’s biofuel-program will be extended to rape-seed based biofuel as well. (Világgazdaság 1,7)