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Finland, Sweden get parts of Nord Stream logistics

Finnish and Swedish companies have got significant contracts in the Nord Stream project. Two plants in the Finnish town of Kotka will produce concrete, while the storages facilities for the pipes will be based in both Finland and Sweden. Meanwhile, few Nord Stream contracts have been given to Russian companies.

The huge 1200 kilometer long pipeline to stretch across the Baltic Sea is owned by Gazprom (51%) and the German BASF (20%) and E.ON (20%), as well as Dutch Gasunie (9%). However, also Sweden and Finland are also directly affected by the project both geographically, and now probably also economically.

The Nord Stream company yesterday announced the winners of several tenders in the project. While the German company Europipe has got a €250 million ($368.5 million) contract on the construction of pipes, the Italian Saipem will be responsible for the laying of the pipes. It has now also become clear that the French company Eupec PipeCoatings will get the €650 million ($958 million) contract on the production of concrete for the pipes. Meanwhile, two of the plant for production of concrete will be located in Finland (Kotka) and both Finnish and Swedish companies will get assignments on the storage of the pipes, Vedomosti reports. (Barent Observer)