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Estonia and Hungary agreed about the need for energy security

During the Tuesday’s meeting between the Estonian Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip, and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kinga Göncz, the main topic discussed was energy market and security. writes that our Prime Minister had remarked that, while Estonia supports the goals of European Union’s climate and energy pack, the country also considers it to be very important that energy security is also guaranteed in such isolated energy islands like Baltic States. “It’s important for Estonia to create more variety to its energy portfolio, but connecting main transmission networks with the inner market of the European Union isn’t any less important,” said Ansip. It was admitted together that energy supply security largely depends on developing electricity and gas connections between member states.

Andrus Ansip remarked that energy security in the European Union has to be understood as something wider than mere security of gas and oil supplies import, but also as the security of electricity supply. Kinga Göncz said that Hungary covers nearly 40% of it’s energy need with nuclear electricity and the main energy security problem has became gas import, meaning that the country attempts to add more variety to it. During the meeting cyber security as well as cooperation in science and development fields were also briefly mentioned. (Baltic Business News)