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E.ON provides emergency supplies to Serbia from additional imports from Germany

E.ON Földgáz Trade Zrt announced in Budapest that the company has concluded a supply contract with Srbija Gas last night to supply 2.7 mcm per day to Serbian customers after receiving an emergency request from Serbia.

A substantial increase in E.ON’s Western imports allowed for this export. E.ON Földgáz receives now 6.7 mcm gas per day at the Baumgarten hub for Hungary of which 4 mcm are dedicated to domestic supply. Yesterday E.ON Földgáz’s parent company, E.ON Ruhrgas more than doubled its normal daily deliveries to Hungary, thus some 4 mcm were imported via Austria to Hungary. This increase is vital for the supply of domestic customers, without this additional supply, a large number of Hungarian industrial customers would have remained without gas. In case the Hungarian supply is endangered, the 2.7 mcm/day Serbian export will have to be interrupted.

Dejan Sahovic, the Serbian Ambassador to Budapest said this morning: “The Serbian people are extremely grateful to have the full support of their European neighbors and we are particularly grateful to our Hungarian neighbors, who in addition to emergency delivery of gas from their own sources enabled this extremely important E.ON gas delivery to Serbia”. The German Ambassador Janetzke-Wenzel commented: “We are very pleased that a German company is able to contribute to supplying Hungary with additional gas and we would like to thank the Hungarian government for their support in passing on gas to Serbia.”

Klaus G. Hammer, Chairman of the Board of E.ON Földgáz said “We are very pleased that we can contribute to the supply of Serbia and we are doing this on a humanitarian rather than a business basis. We managed to conclude an agreement with our Serbian partner within a couple of hours thanks to the permissions of the Minister of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy, the President of the Hungarian Energy Office and the cooperation of the TSO. E.ON is very grateful for the flexibility demonstrated by these entities in the current difficult situation.”

Klaus Hammer commented on the current situation as follows: “E.ON can supply 53.5 mcm per day from its 5 storage sites, 4 mcm per day from Western imports: this is approximately 90% of Hungarian domestic demand. At the moment, the strategic stock is withdrawn from E.ON’s Zsana facility. We are very much aware of our responsibility and we do our utmost to operate our storages safely at peak capacities to supply our Hungarian customers. The current situation shows that E.ON Földgáz strategy is on the right track: invest significant amounts into storage extensions, maintain a diversified supply portfolio and seek new opportunities in upstream and for LNG imports.” (press release)