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E.ON launches “green” initiative

E.ON is launching a new environmentally-friendly strategy which will be promoted in a national advertising campaign created by TBWA London.

E.ON, which owns Powergen, will be developing a wind farm that will be accompanied by a bid to change the way people think about energy. The company said its aims are for people to think about where energy comes from, how it is brought to customers and how it is used, as much as how much it costs. A fully integrated campaign seeks to increase awareness of E.ON in the minds of consumers and continues to explain the relationship between Powergen and E.ON. TV, press and posters will run in addition to the ITV national weather idents, which are now in their 18th year and will change to E.ON from today.

An updated red logo is also being revealed for Powergen, in line with E.ON's look and feel. Nick Horler, managing director of E.ON's retail business, said: “We're developing one of the world's largest offshore wind farms right here in the UK and aiming to bring more renewable energy to our customers. “With the launch of a new advertising campaign we're getting the message across that it's only because we're part of E.ON that we can do this.” Today, ‘Wind of Change’, the first of two TV campaigns, highlights E.ON's progressive stance on renewable energy through the company's investment in developing one of the world's largest offshore wind farms, which will be built in UK waters.

The 60-second ‘Wind of Change’ execution features a sleepy British coastal town invigorated by an energetic, optimistic wind that lifts the spirits of all those in its path, illustrating the wind of change that E.ON is bringing. From Sunday, another 40 second commercial ‘Go Green’ will introduce Go Green from Powergen, inviting consumers to let the power of nature into their homes and sign up to the first combined 100% green dual fuel energy product available in the UK.

Horler added: “This campaign marks a significant time for both E.ON and Powergen. It's not just about bringing the brands closer together creatively but also demonstrating what being part of the world's largest investor-owned electricity and gas company means for our customers.” There will also be new E.ON ITV national weather idents also running from today. Media planning and buying has been handled by Interpublic's Initiative. (