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E.ON investigated after gas grid access complaints

The German regulator for energy grids is investigating E.ON, the country's largest gas company, after allegations that it was unlawfully impeding access to its gas grid.

Dutch utility Essent and gas storage operator Rheinische Epe have complained that E.ON does not give them sufficient access to ship gas from a storage site in northern Germany, said a spokeswoman for the regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur.

“The fact that we have started an investigation is no indication for the result of this investigation,” she said on Friday.

“If a company denies access to its grid, we have to consider what capacities are available and if the process to allocate those capacities was lawful.”

The investigation was started on September 29.

A spokeswoman for E.ON said the company had not yet decided who would get access to the pipeline, which it was still building. (Reuters)