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E.ON extends gas storage capacity

E.ON Földgáz Storage Zrt has announced details of expanding its gas storage capacities in southern Hungary’s Zsana.

E.ON operates five underground storage sites with a total working gas capacity of 3,720 million cubic meters and a daily withdrawal capacity of 50.5 million cubic meters. It is an important goal of the company to extend the existing storage capacities that play a significant role not only in ensuring the security of supply in the winter but they can also contribute to Hungary’s future role as a significant gas hub in the Central European region. The company’s management announced in August 2007 that it will extend its underground gas storage mobile capacities by 600 million cubic meters. The new capacities will be developed by extending the existing storage site Zsana. At the same time, the daily withdrawal capacity will be raised by 6 new wells added to the already existing 55, said István Kutas, communication leader of the company to daily Napi Gazdaság. Total costs of the investment will reach €130 million. (Napi Gazdaság)