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E.ON AG Ruhrgas ships more gas to SE Europe

  Germany’s E.ON Ruhrgas on Wednesday said it was diverting additional supply to South-East Europe and urged Russia and Ukraine to create technical conditions for a resumption of gas flows.

Germany remains fully supplied with gas via alternative routes, other supplier countries and reserves from underground storages, the E.ON Ruhrgas statement said. Germany’s gas market leader, a partner to Russia’s Gazprom in exploration and transport and one of its biggest customers, is leading a European Union’s monitoring team of experts trying to supervise the resumption of transit flows.

Ruhrgas employees are involved in the mission to enable the restoration of gas transport after the stoppage. Sector peers France GdF Suez and Italian ENI have also sent representatives.

Russia and Ukraine continue to fight over transit and prices and European Union states have launched diplomacy to end the dispute that has left parts of Europe without supply in mid-winter and highlighted the EU’s energy vulnerability. “We demand from Russia and the Ukraine to broker a deal about restoring pressure in the transit pipeline and to enable the restart of gas flows via Ukraine to Europe,” the Essen-based company said in a statement.

Russia began pumping gas meant for Europe via Ukraine on Tuesday for the first time in nearly a week but none has arrived in Europe. Kiev said there was not enough pressure in the pipeline system. The EU commission warned it would advise firms to sue unless supplies were restored quickly. E.ON Ruhrgas is continuing to send additional volumes to Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia, partly via subsidiary companies, it said. (Reuters)