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Energy Office withdraws tender to expand wind farm capacity

The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) on Thursday withdrew a tender called in August 2009 to expand wind farm capacity MEH told MTI late Thursday.

The National Development Ministry instructed the office to withdraw the tender after changing the conditions for the sale of electricity generated by wind turbines.

The tender was for the construction of 410MW of capacity at a cost of almost HUF 200 billion over 2-3 years, the Hungarian Wind Energy Society told MTI.

The law guarantees a market for electricity generated using wind turbines, which adds HUF 0.09 to the end-user price of each kWh. The additional capacity would have added another HUF 0.23 per kWh to end-user prices, the society said.

MEH said it continues to place a high degree of importance on the generation of wind power in Hungary in spite of the withdrawal of the tender. (MTI-Econews)