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Energy Commissioner presses for inter-government Nabucco agreement

The final text of an inter-government agreement on the Nabucco gas pipeline should be prepared and countries participating in the project should issue their declaration of support by the end of March in order for the pipeline to be built as quickly as possible, European Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said at a Nabucco summit in Budapest.

Concrete answers have to be given for questions in May, if not, the project could be put in danger, Piebalgs said.

There are still legal problems with the project that can only be solved if the affected member states give up a degree of sovereignty at the union level, he said.

In addition to diversifying its energy sources and the ways they are delivered, it is important for the EU to build up a crisis management mechanism: there should be gas stores and a well-developed, well-connected gas network and gas market, Piebalgs said. Only then can the speedy and appropriate action be taken, if necessary. (MTI – Econews)