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Energy: China leads world in methanol fuel blending

In 2007, China firmly established itself as the driver of the global methanol industry. The country became the world’s largest methanol producer and consumer.

China also leads the world in the use of methanol as an alternative transportation fuel, blending nearly one billion gallons of methanol in gasoline. China has over 200 methanol plants, with a total production capacity of over 11 million metric tons (3.6 billion gallons). Taxi and bus fleets are running on high methanol blends (M-85 to M-100), and retail pumps sell low level blends (M-15 or less) in many parts of the country. The Methanol Institute recently took a delegation of global methanol executives to China to witness first-hand what has become the world’s largest synthetic fuels development program. “In the US, corn, ethanol may be kong, but in China where pure economics matter most, ethanol is the dominant fuel,” said Methanol Institute president and CEO John Lynn. “With millions of miles of experience in using methanol cars, trucks and buses, China is showing the rest of the world, how clean transportation fuels can be maid from coal.” (more info)