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Emfesz in major financial troubles over transfer of clients


Alternative natural gas provider Emfesz is facing extensive financial losses stemming from the transfer of its clients to other providers, the daily Népszava reports.


The clients of the company were recently redirected to other providers after it hit money problems and was unable to pay for gas supplies. Although it has since repaid its debts, it is now facing HUF 400-500 million in losses since not all the gas meter records of its clients were put on the records in time.


Therefore, the companies inheriting the Emfesz customer base resorted to estimates on which portion of their consumption for the transition period came from Emfesz and which from the new provider. Emfesz has initiated talks with its successors on the issue.


According to Népszava, a number of former Emfesz clients are also hoping that the firm will fold amid its current difficulties and are therefore refusing to pay their bills.