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EMFESz forced to reapply for power plant permits

EMFESz, one of Hungary's biggest gas companies, will have to reapply for permits for a power plant it wants to build because of administrative errors found by officials during the application process, business daily Világgazdaság reported.

Árpád Tóth, managing director of EMFESz's power plant unit, told the paper that the matter was vexing as nothing was excluded in the documents submitted by the company, but rather they provided more than required in many cases.

The 2,400 MW gas-fueled plant will cost about €1.5 billion. EMFESz CEO István Góczi said earlier that the first phase of the plant could be completed by 2011 with the entry of a new, capital-strong owner, suggesting the plant would not be built while EMFESZ is owned by RosGas AG. (MTI - Econews)