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Disruptive technologies in transport fuels

There are currently a dozen technologies that have the potential to disrupt current supply, demand and GHG forecasts, as identified by Accenture’s new research report. They may not be all brought successfully to the market.

“Betting on Science: Disruptive Technologies in Transport Fuels” profiles 25 companies bringing these technologies to market and assesses the level of private activity in ten countries and summarizes their local regulatory landscape.

The study comprised significant primary and secondary research, including analysis of more than 100 companies and interviews with leading scientists and more than 30 companies. Accenture defined disruptive fuel technologies as those that:

Reduce hydrocarbon fuel demand by more than 20 % by 2030.Save greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by more than 30 % relative to the hydrocarbons they replace.Will be commercial in less than five years.Will be competitive at an oil price of $45 to $90 at their commercial date.

In the report, Accenture’s global team have demystified these technologies—by providing data on when and what the trajectory might be for commercial viability—and to highlight the key challenges in economically bringing these technologies to market.

Accenture concludes that, while all 12 technologies are in development today, they may not all be successfully brought to market. To improve the chances of commercialization, policy makers will need to take action. (BBJ Online)