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Czech government sets 2008 as start of program to add biofuels

The Czech government approved a timetable for adding biofuels to automobile fuels, delaying the start by six months to gain enough time to set up a system for the alternative-energy program.

The government agreed that all gasoline and diesel sold in the country must contain 2% of fuels made from agricultural products starting January 1 of next year, Environment Minister Martin Bursik said at a press conference today in Prague, following the government meeting.

The share of biofuels will grow to 3.5% a year later, according to the amended bill. Using additives to petroleum-based car fuels is part of the European Union's effort to cut dependence on imported oil and reduce pollution from cars. The EU has already approved a binding minimum target for the share of biofuels in gasoline and diesel of 5.75% in 2010 and 10% by 2020. “With this amendment, the initiative is not over, it is only starting,” said Bursik.

“By this, the government is accomplishing an important part of its agenda.” Bursik said individual ministries will now work to prepare processes that will ensure the targets are met and inspection systems are in place when the new law takes effect. The proposal must be approved by the Czech parliament and signed by the president before it becomes the law. (Bloomberg)