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Csanád building Ft 600 mln biogas-fueled power plant in SE Hungary

Hungarian public benefit company Csanád Kht plans to complete a Ft 600 million, 526kW biogas-fueled power plant in the village of Klárafalva, southeast Hungary in the spring of 2007, Sándor Németh, the owner of the industrial park where the plant is being built, announced on Wednesday.

Csanád has won Ft 372 million in EU funding under the Interreg III/A program for the plant's construction, Németh said. The plant is expected to be operating at full capacity by the autumn. It will use corn shucks and cobs grown on an area of 300 hectares for feedstock, but sorghum, manure and even food waste from big kitchens could also be used later on, Csanád managing director Róbert Pallagi said.
The University of Szeged will build a small fermenting research facility at the site, Pallagi said.