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Croatia, Hungary plan sea gas terminal

Croatia and Hungary pledged on Thursday to intensify cooperation on the construction of a gas terminal at a Croatian port.

The EU-bound gas terminal would diversify Europe's energy sources. “We have agreed to continue an intensive exchange of  cooperation between our experts and companies on the project,” Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader told journalists. “The two likely locations for the terminal were the northern island of Krk and northwestern port of Plomin, “Sanader said at the end of a joint session of the two governments in the Croatian capital. His Hungarian counterpart, Ferenc Gyurcsány, voiced strong support for the project, labeling it a “strategic issue for Hungary.” Croatia and Hungary are considering jointly constructing a gas pipeline from the Adriatic Sea to mainland Europe in order to decrease reliance on Russian gas. The project requires the construction of an LNG terminal which could receive tankers from around the world and would transport gas via pipelines to central and Western Europe. The European Union, which relies heavily on Russian gas imports, has been trying to broaden its sources of energy after suffering supply disruptions in the past two years. (