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Chavez and Putin talk about cooperation plans’ advances

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, held a telephonic conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, where both head of State reinforced some aspects of the cooperation and development projects in diverse productive areas.

According to a press bulletin emitted by the Miraflores Presidential Palace, the dialog between both Presidents took place early Tuesday morning. At the conversation, which lasted about 20 minutes, Chávez informed Putin about the advances of the I Meeting of Russian-Venezuelan Businessmen Council and the Top Level Russian-Venezuelan Commission (Cian) that is taking place in Moscow, as well as telling Putin Venezuelan interest in strengthening even more the relations between both nations.

Venezuelan Vice-president of the Republic, Jorge Rodríguez, is leading the Venezuelan delegation, formed by 50 Venezuelan businessmen, at the event. Chávez said “for our country is very important to strengthen the cooperation ties with the Russian Federation, specifically in the areas of energy, oil, gas, agribusiness, science, and technology, as well as developing our economy”. By other hand, President Putin showed his satisfaction with the execution of such a significant business meeting and he told Chávez that he has ordered new Russian Prime Minister, Viktor Zubkov, to insist in strengthening the ties in the energetic area.

In the conversation, it emerged that next October 24 the III Top Level Russian-Venezuelan Commission will meet in Caracas and Chávez reiterated the invitation to Venezuela, which was already offered to Putin by Chávez in his last visit to Russia in July 2007. Putin answered that he will look for a space in his agenda of this year in order to make his first official visit to Venezuela. (