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CEZ enters the MOL game? - extended

MOL Nyrt and CEZ are negotiating a potential 10% shareholding of the Czech energy firm in MOL. MOL would sell 10% stock of shares or even more to CEZ.

The transaction would cost more than €1 billion. It would mean that CEZ could become one of the major owners of MOL beside Austria’s OMV, Hungary’s MFB, OTP and BNP-Paribas, or it could replace one of them. CEZ’s interests would differ from that of MOL and OMV.

Leading Czech power utility CEZ is in with Hungarian fuels group MOL to over establishing a joint venture to build gas-powered units in Slovakia and Hungary, Czech newswire Euro Online reported. No further details are known, except that one power plant would be built in both countries, with installed output of 800MW.

CEZ already built power stations in Bulgaria and Russia with the help of local companies. Moreover, the project would fit perfectly into the company’s strategy. (Napi Gazdaság)