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Bulgaria mulls widely using natural gas for generating electricity

Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Peter Dimitrov said Tuesday that natural gas is a better option for electricity generation, local press reported Tuesday.

Natual gas would be a cheaper option, given that two major gas pipelines, Nabucco and South Stream, would run across Bulgaria, said Dimitrov. He made these remarks during his address at an international conference on modern energy technologies against climate change, held at the Inter Expo and Congress Center in Sofia. Dimitrov said it was important for natural gas to be widely used in households as the price of electricity generated by coal-fuelled power stations could shoot up in a few years and customers would have to pay for the greenhouse gas emissions in future.

The Bulgarian economy has been growing at an impressive rate, causing increased energy consumption, Dimitrov said, adding that a new energy strategy including resolutions involving both traditional and new energy sources was drafted. Besides natural gas, he said, the country will develop hydroelectric power plants, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy and renovated conventional coal-fuelled power station.

Bulgaria plans to build a new facility fired with Maritza Eastcoal which can collect and store carbon dioxide emitted by itself, and is seeking investors. (