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Bulgaria, Hungary have common interests, will actively cooperate within EU

The relations between Bulgaria and Hungary are excellent and developing dynamically, said Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivaylo Kalfin and his Hungarian counterpart Kinga Göncz after a meeting in the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“It is important for us to know we have friends in the EU like Bulgaria. Now it is significant to find a formula to maintain and build further our cooperation within the EU and to coordinate joint positions on the most important issues,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister, announced the press office of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. The two countries showed interest in stimulating economic ties and joint investments in third countries.

“Bulgaria is interested in Hungary’s experience in absorbing the EU funds and meeting criteria for joining the Schengen area,” Minister Kalfin said.
The two foreign ministers share similar positions about energy security issues. “The energy security cooperation with Bulgaria is very important to Hungary,” Minister Göncz emphasized. Up for discussion were the future of energy projects, such as Nabucco, South Stream and Burgas-Alexandroupolis, and options to diversify energy streams to the EU. (