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Budapest to host Nabucco summit in January

Budapest is set to host an EU Nabucco gas pipeline summit on January 26-27, the government spokesman told MTI on Saturday.

Dávid Daróczi said that Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány had initiated a conference to speed up the Nabucco project following his visits to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan this past summer.

The Hungarian initiative to bring together the representatives of countries involved in the construction with potential suppliers reflects the country's effort to play an active role in bringing about the project, which will offer the European Union an alternative gas supply, he said.

Daróczi said Hungary was inviting Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany as potential recipients of the Nabucco gas, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Egypt and Iraq as potential suppliers, and Georgia as a transit country. Also invited are the European Union's energy commissioner, the Czech Republic as EU president at the time, the United States and the Nabucco International Consortium. (MTI – Econews)