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Brussels puts Hungary-Croatia gas pipeline link on supported project list

In a change to original plans, the European Commission included a planned pipeline linking Hungary's and Croatia's gas networks on a list of projects it proposes should receive €5 billion in additional subsidies, Hungarian Minister of Transport, Telecom and Energy Affairs Csaba Molnár said.

The Commission earmarked a €20 million contribution for the project in its updated proposal, Molnár said after a meeting of EU energy ministers on Thursday.

The €20 million was about one-tenth of total project costs, Molnár said.

The updated project list still includes €25 million support for a gas interconnector between Hungary and Slovakia and €30 million for a gas interconnector between Hungary and Romania.

The Hungary-Croatia gas pipeline connection, as well as a connection between the Hungarian-Slovak power grids, were projects proposed by Hungary but they did not make the earlier list. (MTI – Econews)